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L'Envers du Décor

price category:: 30.- to 60.-
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10 rue de la Chapelle Genève Genève 1207 46.201 6.15762
1207 Genève


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grade (369 votes)6.75 /
cuisine 6.68
atmosphere: 6.88
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46 medals
17-Apr-10  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
The frame is nice, very colorful. By cons, we were disappointed by the kitchen. It was not bad but not great either, considering the price. The entry was quickly served, but we waited an eternity before the main course. Usability of the server side, it was not like that either: not a word or a smile ... We do not return.

9 medals
15-Mar-10  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
Check rather nice. . . Home not super warm, but we have seen worse. Mise en bouche lenses + foie gras mix things cool. . . beginning of the meal started well. Admission: déssossée quail for me and onion tart for my wife. for quail. . . not bad at all. . . for the pie. . . be sought in the salad. . . Flat damage: st Jacques for my wife and lamb for me. nothing to say for these two dishes. . . NOT. . . 45 minutes to wait between the input and the dish (dessert, chocolate fondant (very soft... I will not complain) ... STILL waiting 35 minutes. I asked if the flux still put long time to come... 3 minutes later he was on the table. The whole accompanied by Jazz (I was told when booking) What has been forgotten to mention is that there is no agreement anymore... I love the Jazz... but there bof bof result of all the evening: Big disappointment for a bill of 190 .- Without doubt our last visit = (

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