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La Follia

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21 rte de Chêne Genève Genève 1207 46.2001 6.1671
1207 Genève


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grade (52 votes)5.75 /
cuisine 5.94
atmosphere: 5.38
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3 medals
23-Dec-07  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
We have come across in this restaurant ... After a relatively long wait to take our order (the owner provides service in every single room), we were able to taste a tomato-mozzarella entry: good, but scanty for this price: 18GB for 4 slices tomato AC speaks for itself. The feet are very varied and excellent ... malheureusemnt but we really regret the aspect of "commercial" (or vacuum cleaner salesman) the boss: we offer the most expensive dishes ... We offer a wine off-map without us necessarily specify the price and much more expensive than originally chosen. We count an extra wine when we did not ask: if you take the decision and wines that you raised the bottle on the table, you'd better be careful ... the end to summarize: it is very very good but it is actually mistaken for cows.

48 medals
19-Nov-07  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
New visit to Follia this Saturday night November 17, 2007. It is good to see that nothing has changed. Plate of antipasti input simply wonderful followed by tagliatelle with white truffle remarkably fine. All complemented by a beautiful Tuscan Chianti at a price quite correct. Finally, a tiramisu and a bottle of Amaretto and full of good advice boss: "Feel free to add Amaretto ... if you never have enough, I bring you another bottle! "At risk of sounding pushy, this address worth a visit ... you will not regret it.

165 medals
15-Nov-07  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
meal midday 11/15/2007: Very good restaurant with Italian cuisine. The boss is actually very nice and very professional. It took a trio of pastas, and everything was very good, delicious panna cotta for dessert. Good value - price. A really try to eat Italian with original dishes! I recommend.

48 medals
04-Sep-07  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
Without a doubt ... my heart and stroke my favorite restaurant in Geneva. Patron is simply astounding. This is someone nice, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, genuine ... he must see it to believe it. The quality of the food is sumptuous and varied. If you want and as long as you know in advance, you may concoct a custom menu. In excellent connoisseur of wines he is the boss, Mr. Baresi (it is as strong as the legendary former AC Milan defender) you will always find excellent wines at fair prices. I want to say, I'm not the boss, or a family member or loved ones ... just a customer won by a passionate love of cooking.

2 medals
02-Apr-07  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
Certainly one of the best Italian restaurant in Geneva and probably the best value of the city, especially the lunch menu (25 francs for a starter, main course and dessert). I am very sensitive to food quality and there, everything is fresh. A true happiness. I would add that the flexibility of the pattern and quality of service are matched in the United States. An example, I wanted to invite friends to dinner and had not the courage to get home, for a very reasonable price, the boss has prepared a festive menu and my friends were all very complimentary. The only problem is the location a bit far for lunch if you do not work in the neighborhood.

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