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Aub. de Croix-de-Rozon

price category:: 30.- to 60.-
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214 rte d'Annecy La Croix-de-Rozon Genève 1257 46.14545 6.13653
1257 La Croix-de-Rozon


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grade (73 votes)5.05 /
cuisine 5.21
atmosphere: 4.74
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No, but where will we? No person, demeaning, insulting. I have a better service at fast food starting with M at the corner of my street. I have nothing against foreigners, but I think when you're a waitress in a restaurant (expensive) in a French-speaking canton, we must speak and understand French. This is not the case with this restaurant. Know more it is good practice to ask what the customers want to drink and not wait until they beg you to bring the wine. Nothing special to report at the kitchen. It's basic, neither bad nor transcendent. At the pizzeria lambda. The prices are prohibitive for a map of 2 pages with a limited choice. No originality, you found the same thing in a traditional pizzeria, much cheaper. The setting is nice at first, then if the employers and those friends "bling bling" n'hurlaient not laugh at a table behind you, you ignoring it completely. We left early, unable to talk. In short, an outrage to the restoration.

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