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La Bourse

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Place du Marché Carouge Genève 1227 46.18396 6.1406
1227 Carouge


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grade (266 votes)6.75 /
cuisine 6.84
atmosphere: 6.57
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Nous venons depuis des années dans ce restaurant et avons toujours apprécié les employés et la nourriture. Ce soir nous avons remarquer que tout avait changer. Les employés ne s'intéressait pas à ses clients et les filets de perches étaient froids et sans gout. Nous avons été très décu de notre repas, et ne reviendront malheureusement plus ici !!!!!!! We have been coming here for 25 years and now all the personnel and the owner have changed I guess. This is the worst experience we have had there as follows Sat down and waited an age before a waitress arrived and took a drink order Then she came back eventually and took our food order and that was the last we saw of her. Salad was good as ever Then the filet de perche arrived extremely late and there were more greasy chips than you have ever seen and way less perche than you would expect And that was it Rubbish service and for the second helping of the perch my son went and got it himself GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IN CAROUGE

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