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Le Thaï

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3 rue Neuve-du-Molard Genève Genève 1204 46.20342 6.14818
1204 Genève


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Lu Ma Me Je Ve Sa Di
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Viola Melenzana
Viola Melenzana
30 médailles
( 22 commentaires )
08-Aug-11  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
Overpriced. Also le plat du jour for lunch definitely left me wanting. 27 chf for very little food not even well cooked is kind of outrageous. It's Asian food, it should be cheap.

62 médailles
( 54 commentaires )
24-May-11  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
Restaurant sympathique. Le filet de bar au curry vert était très bon. Les prix à la carte ne sont pas donnés, mais le plat du jour reste abordable

13 médailles
( 10 commentaires )
06-Apr-11  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
The decor of this restaurant is elegant, stylish and appealing. I was impressed by the fact that the number of "vegetarian" dishes was so great - it outnumbered the meat dishes by quite a long shot! (the word vegetarian is in inverted commas because I have some doubts that the dishes are truly vegetarian in that fish sauce is ubiquitous in Thai cuisine and highly unlikely to be ommitted)

Between the four of us, we shared a green papaya salad and a roast chicken salad for entree. the Papaya salad was sharp and tasty, although lacking in heat (but then, there are few Thai restaurants in Europe that actually provide food of Thai heat!). The roast chicken salad was ok, but unremarkable.

The main courses were: Beef with pepper, coriander and asparagus: the asparagus was not asparagus, it was asian greens - tasted pretty good, but not what we expected. Beef green curry: lacking in heat, but otherwise quite ok Rice noodles with broccoli: asian broccoli not european - again ok, but nothing exciting Seitan and sweet potato red curry: for me this was the best dish of the night. The seitan was excellent and the sauce tasty.

The price is a bit steep - the above dishes with rice and a single beer came to 194chf.

Would I go back? Maybe but I would probably choose another restaurant over it. That said I would definitely recommend it to vegetarian friends (who are willing to risk the possibility of eating fish sauce).

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